Kasha Love

To make Kasha, I  generally use Wolff’s brand.  This is usually found in the ethnic/jewish-food aisle of most supermarkets.

For Vegan Kasha:
I like using whole grain kasha.
Boil 4 cups broth or water.
While broth is heating, place 2 cups of kasha in covered sauté  pan with about 3 tbls olive oil, and roast this for a few minutes, stirring constantly. You’ll start to smell it toasting just a smidge (mmmmmm).
Pour very hot broth (or bouillon and boiling water) over hot kasha and cover quickly.
Turn down the heat to low to med/low, and cook around 10 min, or until water is absorbed. Fluff with a fork. It may seem a bit sticky, but should not be wet.

For Regular Kasha:
I like to use coarse grain.
Boil 4 cups water and place this into a bowl or measuring cup along with 2 cubes of Rapunzel bouillon and 4 tbls butter (I use soy free Earth Balance); stir to combine.
While water is boiling, sort 2 cups dry kasha then place this into wide, lidded sauté pan. Coat kasha with 2 eggs and cook on medium-high heat while stirring in order to dry it out and toast it a bit.
Pour 4 cups broth/butter over hot kasha and lid this tightly.  Cook on low heat for about 10 min, until all liquid the is absorbed. Fluff with a fork .

I love Kasha tossed with pasta. When I could eat dairy, I’d eat this with sour cream.
My boys like to eat this with mustard. Sounds bizarre. Don’t judge. It’s really quite good.

Last night, I ate kasha (freshly made) with rice pasta (Schar’s GF Multigrain Penne is really nice, but we also love Tinkyada Penne), and stirred in Brianna’s Poppy seed dressing instead of sour cream. It was seriously delicious. This causes me to make yum-yum noises.

Tonight, I took the chill off my leftover kasha and made a bit of quick, tasty, healthy, gf/vegan yumminess. Supper simple. Ready?
Toss kasha with romaine and lots of fresh tomato, and dress it with Brianna’s Poppy Seed dressing. You’ll be so happy. Feel free to add some other veggies if you must. Avocado, shredded carrot, red onion are all so very good.
Don’t want to use Poppy seed dressing?
Kasha is paired nicely with a Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette, or Honey Mustard Dressing.

I also love to throw leftover kasha into my bowl of red lentil soup.

I think you should know, I had to type and retype the word “poppy” several times, since my hands kept wanting to type out ‘poopy’. That’s how I roll.