Recipes (because I love you)

We’ve been gluten free for years and years now.
For us, this isn’t a fad diet. My children and I have celiac disease (and a host of other autoimmune diseases– they like to play in groups).  You don’t want to hear the details. It’s not fun. Just know that food is fuel and nourishment and when it turns on you, it is not pretty.
But I also want you to know that food is love.
Sharing my recipes is just one way for me to love you.
Many of these recipes started life as someone else’s. I’ve tweaked and massaged, and made them my own.
Some of these recipes are dairy free. Some are vegan. All are gluten free.
So, read through them. Salivate a bit.  Feel that comforting gnawing in your belly. And then go cook.
Eat something nice.
You look hungry.


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