My gut clenches hard;
Hunker down and ride the wave;
smile, serving soup.

What is this pain here?
Are these plates made of razors?
Grin, and spin them all.

Boy in a bubble!
You look like pudding on a stick
With your fleshy smile.

Where has the love gone?
Blown by gusty wind, like farts
With gas flame thrower.

Catch; release; hold on….
Here, vision of what could be.
Snatch! Not mine to keep.

my words run amok
like bison in a glass shop.
imprecise, unsure.

stop, crazy lady!
your windy world knocks me down.
i am walking here.

oh, good lord woman!
stop your jabbering nonsense
and drop to your knees

Prickly little man,
your mouth speaks of harmony,
your manner discord.

Wind whistles warning:
Crazy Train Leaving Station!
I’m not getting on….

Came across that note—
the one that said you’d love me?
Too bad it was void


2 thoughts on “Anger”

  1. Brittany Barcliff said:

    I love this one so much. You are incredibly talented. Keep doing your thing ❤ rock on.
    See you at school!

    Liked by 1 person

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