Late Night Haiku

On Facebook, I started a game I called, “Haiku Monday”.
I love encouraging others to write. When you participate, you will find yourself thinking and talking in Haiku form.
You can read some of my Late Night Haikus using the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

What is Haiku and what purpose does it serve?
A Haiku is a spare poetry form which is offered in 3 lines, with a syllabic beat of 5/7/5. Traditional Haiku weaves nature imagery (mention of wind, water, etc) in order to support and expand the brief ‘snapshot’ of emotion. Here in Haiku-land, structure is maintained but sometimes boundaries are blurred a bit, allowing for more inclusive and even humorous submissions.  For this reason, use of nature imagery is not necessary, but always welcome.  

Why “Haiku Monday”?
This seemed to be the day more people posted or talked about Haiku in my group. Eventually, we were posting all the time, like coloring outside the lines.

Can I write Haiku anytime?
Yes! Please do.  Feel free to share yours here or here.

Does my Haiku have to fit the 5/7/5 syllable rhythm?
Yes. We are open, supportive, and loving about all poetry submissions, but we will count the rhythm, even when we don’t want to.  It’s kind of like a compulsion (see next entry, below)

If I participate regularly, are there any side effects?
Yes. You will begin
to feel the rhythm of thought
shaping Haiku verse.

You will count the beats
of comments made by others
even in real time.

Is Haiku Monday harmful?
This is so silly,
I fail to see your concern.
Just let it all go.

Your Haiku submissions are sometimes very dark.  Are you depressed?
I’m baring witness
Choosing to live life out loud
This can seem noisy

mother goose haiku

*mother goose’s haiku by roz chast (originally published 2010)*


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