About Me

Why call the blog, “Solid Chocolate Bunny”?

Surely, you’ve encountered that chocolate confection in the shape of a rabbit? Solid, through and through?
I strive to be a person who lives with integrity and kindness in all my affairs. Like a solid chocolate bunny, I want to be solid, consistent, trustworthy– regardless of external circumstances or internal drama (and I don’t think those SCB’s have any drama). I hope to build a SCB community.

Me, in a tiny little nut-shell:

I am a yoga teaching, homeschooling, pragmatist, atheist, humor-loving, trained psychotherapist (LCADC), earth loving, tree hugging, curvy, breastfeeding forever (all done now), home-birthing (vbac, bitches!), child-led weaning, talk with my hands, touchy (with my hands) food-loving, gluten free (legitimately gf, not trendy. celiac for years) respectful of my children as humans but believe they feel safest and thrive best within sensible/safe boundaries, fuck giving, fuck-wielding, single parent (3!), mother of a medically-fragile-their-whole-life teenaged human, who doesn’t sleep longer than about 2 hours at a stretch for as long as my child’s been alive.

My Yoga and Meditation Practice:

My self-termed “Ego Free Yoga” is a hatha yoga practice which uses mindful movement, proper alignment, introspection, compassion, and humor, in an effort to be “right-sized” through practice — on and off the mat. This practice is insight and strength building.

I also teach Yin Yoga. This is a soft, passive, quiet practice in which we’ll gently, slowly stretch and strengthen connective tissue rather than build muscle strength. Postures are practiced on the floor, using blocks and other props, and sustained for 3-5 minutes. Yin yoga is akin to acupuncture (without the needles) because the postures are intended to stimulate meridian points in the body. Yin Yoga practice will help you feel more fluid and mobile, building core flexibility rather than core strength. This is a meditative, mindful practice.

If you’d like to practice with me, click the Find Me link, or find me here


6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, Stevee! I look forward to reading your blog regularly!

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  2. Love this whole thing. Especially the nut shell. Wow. You can pack it in. In a paragraph, a life, and a sentence fragment.

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  3. Anonymous said:

    It was soo awesome to literally walk into you ladies. It was meant to be!!! Thank you for giving me such peace Stevee!! ❤ Maria

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  4. Your joy was infectious! It was such a pleasure to spend time with you ❤️


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