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My oven is still broken and my kitchen sink faucet is habitually loose.
I need new eyeglasses badly. I’m dealing with a too-many-days-long migraine, in touch with hands-tied anxiety over circumstances beyond my control, financial insecurity, divorce in stasis, concerns for the welfare of my children, tenuous life-and-budget juggling, and a sinking sense of impending ruination.
I’ve found no salvation in my pencils and paper and calculators, or lists upon lists, or phone calls which (predictably) yielded no magical answers. There is no fairy godmother. Crap.
The country is out-of-the-box crazy, where crowds of heavily armed, white men are celebrated as Patriots while small, dark-skinned boys are shot on sight in playgrounds with impunity; rich, power grabbing  white men methodically dial back time, reason, and progress while singing of songs of Freedom. What the hell?

In retreating to the interwebs for just a moment of diversion, I received this 16 second gift. Babies and snow and dogs on bellies? Who needs Xanax?