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The interwebs have turned us into opinionated, socially decrepit, tantrum-driven toddlers.
We are tactless babies with time on our hands and SOMETHING TO SAY. We have oodles of anger, limited vocabulary, and fine motor skills enough to use a keyboard to say that stuff we thinkyouneedtoheargoddamnit.

To illustrate this point:

A friend shared a story about her online discussion with woman at a reputable news site. The woman identified herself as “christian” and was arguing vehemently about the importance of battling women’s rights groups in the name of jesus and doing anything it takes to “break them”.
My friend, a self identified feminist and (generally) rational thinker suggested this angry woman pray for change, and trust her powerful god to do what is right. Civil discourse further eroded, with the woman screaming (all caps) about eternal salvation, damnation, souls, whores, righteous living and such, until my friend felt exhausted with the argumentative, circular logic of this discussion. She tried to disengage and deescalate, but this woman wasn’t having that. So she told the woman to “eat a bag of dicks”.
This was my friend’s go-to when shit got heavy.
A bag of dicks.


And, hey! Now you don’t just have to suggest this activity to someone. You can make it a reality by anonymously shipping a bag of dicks.
Not into gummy candy? Want something that’ll last longer? You can send a cardboard dick instead.
Yes, indeedeedoo.